Reclaiming September 1

I recently heard Pastor Tom Joyce (whom I serve with at Immanuel) describe being in the Pentagon on 9/11 when the plane hit the building. He was evacuated and funneled down a powerless escalator out of the structure. On his way out, he could hear people shouting for help from inside the fire, begging somebody to save them.

The fire was too hot for anybody to go in and actually try a rescue—except for the first responders, who were able to save most. But the pleas of people needing rescue have stayed in the minds of those who have heard it ever since.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the attack. I was struck by Tom saying that to mark this anniversary, he doesn’t want to surrender this day to the terrorists. Instead, he reminds himself that in this world he is still surrounded by those who need rescuing. They are lost, and they need somebody to come and show them how to escape the judgement that awaits them.

Only unlike 20 years ago, as believers we have the knowledge to withstand the flames and bring the rescue to those who cry out.

This year, as you commemorate September 11, let it provoke you to seize the moment for evangelism. Don’t let your neighbors or co-worker’s cries for help be in vain—if you know the gospel, you can bring the rescue to those who need it.

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